Benchmarking of Portuguese Secondary Schools

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The project BESP (Portuguese acronym for Benchmarking of Portuguese Secondary Schools) presents an innovative web platform in Portugal. This platform supports schools in two major areas of their evaluation: Internal Evaluation and External Evaluation.This platform supports general community (parents, students, etc.) that may consult for any school information about a set of indicators that is gathered from public data.

For both cases, a set of indicators takes a central role. These indicators show the schools performance on different levels (context, results, resources and processes) and are produced for two types of programmes: Scientific-Humanistic and Professional. Data from the Ministry of Education (national exams results) and data from the schools (trough online questionnaires) are used to produce the indicators. The general public can only access data from public sources, while the registered users (schools) can access the mentioned data and data that has been submitted by schools in the online questionnaires. The indicators made available to schools support schools in their Internal Evaluation because it allows schools to analyze their performance evolution in several indicators trough time. On the other hand, schools can also be supported in their External Evaluation by analyzing their position when comparing to other schools (in a graphical perspective) - a process called benchmarking.

BESP calculates indicators for two school programmes Scientific-Humanistic and Professional. However, the Professional programme data is only available to registered users.

BESP also allows the elaboration of schools rankings similar to the ones produced yearly by the media, but with the main advantage that it is customizable rankings, allowing the user to rank schools in the desired set of parameters (courses, sample number, district, etc.).